10/7&8/17 Big Cat Quest National Championship, New Madrid, Missouri,-Mississippi River


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Cost of the event is   $50 per angler  over 18 y/o

                                      $50 per youth angler 12-17 y/o

                                      Free per youth angler under 12 y/o

Individual Competition Charity Event where you have to use a kids fishing pole using your favorite reel attached to it to produce a one fish weigh-in. You can fish multiple entries on same vessel as many as the vessel is rated for with each angler fishing for themselves to produce their own catch with a snoopy pole. LOL this should be great fun for all and a break from all the serious Big Cat Quest action to help an awesome charity and have a little fun in Tunica.


Manditory meeting at 6am before launch all will launch from Tunica River Park.

You may put your boat in water any time after 

Fishing Hours: Following 6:00 am meeting  until 2pm. . **Note the fishing times are not as usual: Anglers must be in line or at boat ramp at Tunica River park weigh-in site no later than 3:00 pm.
All anglers must stop fishing at 2:00 pm. All boats must be at 3:00 pm roll call. If you are not there at 3:00 pm roll call you will not weigh-in.

Boundaries: Mississippi River and its tributaries reachable by boat from required launch site.

Registration: Registration will be set at: weigh in trailer at river park

                                                               June 10, 2016 from 4pm until 9pm.

Weigh-In Site: Tunica River park located at rear of Fitz Casino

Scales Open: Scales open at 11:00 am

Format: Charity event with loads of fun for the entire family watch website for details to come.

Questions on registration:
Please phone Ken Freeman @ 731-234-1888.
Mail your entry to: Big Cat Quest, 16 Sedgewick Cove, Jackson, Tn. 38305

Check back in periodically for recent updates!

2016 Bass Pro Shop’s Big Cat Quest

Tunica, MS
One Pole Snoopy/Childs Pole/One Fish 

June 11, 2016

Charity Fun Tournament



Rules for this event  June 11, 2016

Mandatory meeting at 6:00am

With inspection of the poles and reels, NO other rods reels will be allowed on your vessel at the time of launch (only one pole per fishing person.

Poles must be a snoopy/child's type pole with your favorite reel attached. (reels can be attached with any means necessary to secure it to the pole.   For examples--duck tape, gorilla glue, wire, fishing line, string, etc. 

Fishing will begin after the meeting and will end at 2:00 pm

Fish entries are only one per entry and you are allowed to have as many people on the vessel is rated: each can present an entry caught with their own snoopy pole.

proceeds go to Charity but we will awarding Plaques, Prizes, & Surprises for big fish winners.

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